kite spots


Other than those, there are also kite beaches at the Irabujima and at the Kurimajima which is suited for foil boarding, but here we'd like to introduce the 5 spots recommended for trip guests.

Furthermore, because there are particular points to look out for and also forbidden areas, trip guests who come for the first time and who come after long time should always contact M-air and kite only after hearing the spot informations.

※There are a lot of spots which are fishing areas, and to avoid trouble with fishermen, there are spots with limited kite areas. Please cooperate so that now and in the future everyone can enjoy kitesurfing in Miyakojima without any trouble. For further details, please take a look at "For everybody who comes for a trip".



サニツ浜 Sanitsuhama beach

The best spot in Miyakojima to practice safely. Rideable with north- to southeast wind. Its the tideland of the inside of Yonaha bay, so the color of the water might not be Miyako-blue, but it is flat shallow water throughout the bay, thats why the spot has high popularity with beginners up to advanced riders. When the tide draws back the water gets less, so aim for around high tide.


西浜 Nishihama beach

Even though he ocean and beach are wide and spacious, there are no tourists, so it is a quiet place. It is rideable with southwest to northern wind.
At high tide the beach gets flooded with water so there is hardly space to pump up the kite, but at lower tides there are perfect conditions with flat shallow water even far out.
People who have experienced this perfect conditions have elected this spot to be one of the best spots in Japan.
Originally it was a beautiful sandy ground, but lately the remains of dead corals and stones are increasing on the inner and outer sandbanks. It is safer to ride with boots, but a lot of people go barefoot.


前浜 Maehama beach

Called the most beautiful beach in the east, it is the greatest beach in Miyako and also famous as a sightseeing spot.
It is rideable with southeast to south-southwest wind.
Anyhow, the sea is so beautiful it feels great just to ride there, and it has the advantage of beeing rideable at any tide level.
However, because it is deep straight away, choppy and also has strong currents, it is a spot difficult for beginners.
There are two entrances to the beach, "fisherport side" and "tokyuu side", and depending on the winddirection and how many tourists are there, we use one or the other. In the windy season in the spring and during the summer this is the main spot, but because we use it together with tourists and swimmers, in the crowded summer extreme caution is necessary. If you want to come during the summertime (june~october) and ride at Maehama beach, definitely contact us so we can tell you the points to watch out for.


高野 Takano beach


The beauty of the sea is even to Maehama beach and Nishihama, and it is the spot with the highest possibility to see sea turtles. It is rideable with north to southeast wind.
When its high tide the beach is narrow and thus difficult for setup, so its better to avoid high tide time. There are fragments of corals and small stones on the beach and corals and rocks in the water, so boots are recommended. On the outside a coral reef stretches around the bay, and at low tide the spot shows its most beautiful side.



In addition to the 4 main spots written above, since the construction of the great bridge of Irabu the beach of Irabu Island joined the group of kitespots. It is rideable with southeast to southwest wind. There are some waves so its popular with kitesurfers. The beach is not that wide, but it has the same powdersand and beautiful sea like Maehama beach and is just a feel-good place. Around low tide there are some rocks becoming exposed at the edge of the beach, so be careful.

<季節によるコンディション> <Conditions depending on the seasons>

10中旬~3月上旬 Mid of october to beginning of march
Best season of Miyakojima Island. Very stable seasonal wind blows (called Miinishi), and more than 2/3 of the month are rideable days. The wind often blows from north to east. From october to middle of december the air temperature is around 20~25℃ (water temperature around 25℃), and from end of december to february the air temperature is 15~20℃ (water temperature around 20℃). In this season there are a lot of days with bad weather, but the wind is generally strong so smaller kites are often used.

3月中旬~4月中旬 Mid of march to mid of april  
The influence of Miinishi (Seasonal wind of the winter) gradually gets weaker, and there often blows a wind from east. It gets warmer and days with good weather are more often, so there are often days where you can kite comfortably when the wind blows. The air temperature is 22~28℃ (water temperature around 25~28℃). This season has the image of having not much wind, but actually there is surprisingly good wind, which is like a well kept secret.

4月下旬~6月中旬 end of april to mid of june
This is exactly the rainy season. The full-blown rainy season starts from end of april to mid to end of june. There is good wind sometimes, but the probability is not high and the weather and wind direction happens to hecticly change and is unstable.

6月下旬~7月上旬end of june to beginning of july
In normal years the rainy season ends around the 20th of june, and for a while there blows the Kaachibai (strong seasonal southwind blowing towards the rainseason-front), with summer days with air temperatures around 30℃ and south to southwest wind with average 5~8m/s. In the first half of the Kaachibai you can ride at Maehama beach, in the second half at Nishihama beach, and the wheather is good and its warm, so its the best season to happily kite.

7中旬~9月中旬mid of july to mid of september  
When the Kaachibai ends, Miyakojima Island is in full summer mode with air temperatures of 30~33℃ and the water temperature is similar high. Weak south to west wind is sometimes blowing and sometimes not... when a typhoon or a tropical storm is just passing by Miyakojima Island in the right distance you can ride before and after that, but except that the wind speed is generally 2~5m/s so you could ride with a foilboard... such weak wind is often. When the wind is too weak for kiting, we suggest you can enjoy yourself with other activities like snorkeling or diving, or because Shuu also does tandem flights with paragliders, you could try that as well.♪
9月下旬~10月上旬 end of september to beginning of oktober
From end of september the first symptoms of seasonal wind (Miishin) are becoming visible, and there is thermal wind brought up by the difference of temperature between day and night, so it happens to become good wind.