Kiteboarding school

Kiteboarding is a cool and highly enjoyable sport... but similar to other marine sports, it can be quite dangerous without the right knowledge and skills.

First of all, it is necessary to learn how to handle and control the kite and other equippment. Unlike surfing or snowboarding it is not possible to just learn by watching others or pic it up your own. It takes a little time to learn the basic skills.

For everyone who wants to start kiteboarding or is interested, we definitely recommend taking lessons at a kite school to safely enjoy kiteboarding.

Course & price (without tax) 

Course Time required Fee Contents
Tandem kite experience
From preparations to end around 30 mins.

(Riding time is around 10 minutes)

Min 2 people:
6,000 Yen/person
In this course you can experience to ride on a board on the ocean together with the instructor.

You can get a feeling for kiteboarding itself and the fun of speeding over the ocean.

Because the instructor is steering the kite, you can try it without any knowledge or skills.

There is a limit for body size and weight, persons over 160cm and/or over 55kg are not possible.
Kite steering experience course 1~2 hours 10.000 yen
It`s a course where you can use a trainer kite to experience the steering of a kite. You can feel the power of the kite and how it pulls you and get a taste of the difficulty and fun of steering it.

※It`s a course just with the kite, you won`t put the board on your feet.


3~4 days

expires 6 months after the first day of lesson
50.000 yen
If you think:"I want to stand up and ride the board", or "I want to master so I can ride on my own!", then this is the right course for you.

In this course we teach everything from the set-up of the kite, fundamental knowledge and basic operation up to practical techniques, how to deal with trouble and the waterstart (To stand up on the board and ride on the water surface!).

Fundamentally the course is 3 days long, but depending on the improvement we can extend it to 4 days.
Rental of equipment is included.

It happens that we cannot teach every day due to the wind and other circumstances. Please note that we cannot refund fees for students who have to leave before completing the course. We ask you to take this into consideration, and if possible schedule some extra time in Miyakojima.

Mastercourse supplement lesson

(Only for participants of the mastercourse of our shop)

1 time (around 2 hours)
6.000 yen These are supplemental lessons for persons who still want to take lessons after our 3-4 day mastercourse.
Rental of equipment is also included.

※It is possible to take these lessons up to 10 times after ending the master course.

1 Day lesson for people who have taken lessons at other shops

1 Day (3-4 hours)
10,000 yen We recomend this course for people who have taken lessons or mastercourses at other shops but still can`t ride without support, people who havn`t done kiteboarding for a while and are unsure, or for people who want to increase their skill.

※Rental of equipment is not included. You can bring your own or rent our equipment for an extra fee.

Rental fee for this course:
Full rental 5000 yen (Kite, bar, board and harness).
Kite only: 3000 yen, board only: 2000 yen, wetsuit: 1000 yen, harness and other necessaries: 500 yen.

Spot guide
(For trip guests)

Per one guidance for one group
3.000 yen We take you to the spots and explain to you at the spot what to look out for and the characteristics of the spot. Persons that come for the first time to Miyakojima are requested to take this spot guide. (Please note that this does not include support at the beach)

※All courses include accident insurance.

※For the mastercourse it is possible to take it even if you can only take less than 3 days of lessons, please be advised students will be charged the full price for the course.

※If you take courses with a group with more than 2 persons, you get a 20% discount. Miyako residents are also eligible for a 20% discount.

◆Point to note◆

※Please note that any course even if booked, may be canceled due to the weather on that day.